An Additional Space for Your Home

If you don’t have the time to design a garage from the ground up, then consider one that’s already put together. The only thing that you’ll have to do is add your own personal touches so that it includes the details that you need and desire. A benefit of this kind of garage is that there are numerous layouts available as well as many sizes to choose from depending on the size of your home and how much space you have on your property for the garage. 

A simple prefab garage is one that attaches easily to your home and doesn’t feature any amenities. This blank slate allows you to install shelves, cabinets, and other details that make organizing your garage a bit easier. Most basic garages that are already designed have doors that you can customize as well so that they match the exterior of your home. The exterior sides of the garage can be customized as well. 

Another type of garage that is prefabricated is similar to a storage shed but larger. It features doors that easily lift or roll up so that you can conveniently put everything inside. This is an option to consider if you want to move your garage to another location in the future. There are garages that have a wooden exterior that offer more of a warm and inviting look instead of one that is more of an industrial appearance. Some garages are simple and are designed for working on cars or equipment. 

There are garages that are designed with windows and some that are completely enclosed. These are beneficial to have next to your home as you can connect the air and heat from your home to the garage as well. Some garages that are prefabricated have a loft. You can use this type of garage for an apartment on your property. It would be an ideal solution for a college student who comes home and wants his own space or a family member who plans to live with you in the future. You could also use the loft above the garage as a rental so that you make a little extra money each month. 

Some garages have two different types of doors on them, giving you access in multiple ways that include rolling the door up or opening it like you would a door in your home. You can easily install a ramp on the garage as well as steps if it sits higher off the ground. You can also add steps inside the garage if it has an upper level. There are single and double garage options to consider depending on how much space you have. An added benefit of this kind of design is that you can add more space if it’s needed simply by attaching another garage to the one that you have. The ideas of garages that are prefabricated are almost endless. The only thing that you need is your imagination and a plan for how you want to use the building.