Idea Recharge Online: The Safer Way

We all love the idea of being connected with our friends and family, something that has been made really easy and convenient by online recharging and payment methods. Video calling using social media Apps is now becoming so popular that even people from the lower socio-economic strata of the society are using such features regularly and with great ease. Calling and SMS using mobile phone are passé now – the latest is the use of social media to keep oneself updated on one’s close circle of family and friends.

While we all love this part of the activity, we need to keep the connections active by regularly topping-up our prepaid mobile connections and paying bills on time for the post-paid ones.  A subscriber of Idea Cellular Ltd needs to choose from the available top-up plans to carry out his Idea recharge. Since this activity of recharging online involves making payments via internet it means that he needs to be really careful while doing the task and in fact educate all the others around him about the importance of having their Idea recharge done discreetly and responsibly.

Always make sure to use your personal handset or personal computer or laptop to recharge or pay online. Where-ever possible one should opt for the OTP (One-time password) facility while making an online transaction. Some banks provide for a separate PIN (Personal Identification Number) for online transactions which makes the activity highly safe and secure.

Downloading relevant software updates from time to time, both on the computer and the smart phone also helps close loopholes. During Idea recharge online while using Netbanking or debit card make sure that you are always alert to look out for random emails or online forms that ask for passwords and PIN. In case things look suspicious it is best to logout and then login back later to complete the process.

Whether using your smart phone App or the browser from your handset or computer, always refrain from using public wireless networks when conducting online transactions. Since these public networks are generally free one easily falls for them and it is still okay to be online on your social media through these networks. But for online banking activity or payment related tasks they can be potential traps for hackers to gain unauthorized access to your personal data. Always use a private or a secured wireless network for such activities.

Using a mobile phone App can be smarter than using a computer or a laptop in most cases. It is because with a smart phone we are more careful to use appropriate locking systems. Most phones have in-built auto lock system that needs to be enabled by the owner. Other than that some technology in phones also enables fingerprint scanning and face scanning to unlock the phone. Another smart thing to do in context of making your smart phone foolproof is to install wipe facility so that in the event the phone is lost, all your personal information stored on the phone can be deleted immediately.