Is AI versus Humans the Future of Technology?

Artificial Intelligence is a popular jargon in the business world now, with more than 60% of the CEOs saying AI will have a considerable impact on business, even more than the internet.

Yes, you read that right! Artificial Intelligence will have a significant impact on businesses even more than the internet. 

Now the question is: Will the onset of Artificial Intelligence kill human emotions? Marketers around the globe are worrying that shift toward AI will make them outdated. Once the machines take over, their creativity, passion and all will be put on the backburner for algorithms.      

But then, the fact is, AI won’t kill human emotions in marketing. If that’s the case, even the internet, technology, television and more should have killed emotions in marketing.  Marketing is all about connecting with customers. And customers are known to be emotional people. 

Marketing and sales revolve around emotions.

Notwithstanding the present perspective about AI, this is what you could expect artificial intelligence to do — and most likely AI is already doing it. 

Artificial Intelligence software helps in content recognition and recommendation. Majority of the customers these days know what they want and are on their journey towards making a purchase, but they eventually fail to find the information they are looking for and consequently abandon the cart.  Enter AI. AI could help customers find the required info for them, which in turn lead to sales. 

AI will work more effectively if marketers focus on coming up with more emotional content that strikes a chord with the customers. The best part? AI helps process astronomical data. For that matter, for an AI to be useful, it needs to have large data sets to offer the best value to marketers.     

The biggest plus is that AI makes comprehension of data easier. That’s the reason why you haven’t heard of data so much these days because AI makes data comprehension a cake walk. Better yet? Marketers don’t like to spend so much time sifting data; they’d instead focus on other business aspects. So, AI algorithms help process data in terms of what customers do, what they want, not to mention offer an in-depth understanding of the people you want to connect with.        

So the bottom line is: let machines focus on what they are good at. And you focus on what you are good at.  

So let’s develop this clear-cut understanding without any further thought. AI is here to stay. And so are people.  And marketers who intend to achieve greater success should learn to pair AI with people, known for their emotions and passions.  

So, it never was AI Versus Humans. On the contrary, AI and emotions need to work hand in hand.

AI continues to shape marketing. So use it to know your customers better, to connect with them better and continue to offer them emotionally touching content.