The Guide to Investing Money After Winning a Lottery

The odds of winning a big lottery jackpot are low, but you never know when luck turns in your favour. If you win the lotto, the experience will be emotionally overwhelming and mentally stressful as you would need a solid investment plan for the unexpected win. To help you make the right decision, here are the five investment options you can consider securing your future. Read on.

Bank Accounts

Bank accounts are probably the safest place to keep your money. As these accounts are liquid, you can withdraw money, whenever required. If you want a higher return on the amount, opt for fixed deposits as these have a higher interest rate. However, you need to keep a fixed amount of money in your account for a specific period to avail the benefit.

Real Estate

Real estate is another investment option that promises a high return – if you put the money on the right property. However, remember that the idea of real estate investment doesn’t mean buying a beach property in a posh area. On the contrary, investing in multiple properties that have a high long-term return. You can consider buying office spaces, warehouses, and multifamily apartments. Also, try to invest in properties at different geographical locations.

Finance Advisor Team

After you instant win that big jackpot, you would need a lawyer, accountant and financial planner. Of all these people, it is the financial manager who you would have to rely on for years to come. Therefore, keep some of the amounts aside to make a team that will help you multiply your money in the future.


You don’t need to be an expert to invest in stocks. It is easy to get high returns with a wisely planned stock investment strategy. For those who think they aren’t good at it, there’s always an option to turn to your financial advisor.


The startup culture is booming, and you can encash the opportunity to secure your future by investing in one of these newly formed entities. Many lottery winners are nowadays becoming angel investors and funding startups. If it goes well, you can end up making a lot more than expected in the next 5-10 years.

What to Avoid?

As said, winning a jackpot is overwhelming, and there are times when an individual is completely clueless about what to do with the prize money. Although this is your money and you should spend it your ways, prevention is better than cure. No, we aren’t stopping you from having a holiday, but here are a few mistakes one shouldn’t commit.

  • Do not spend expensive entities whose value depreciate quickly. For instance, buying a Jaguar or Porsche with the prize money might look tempting but these have a high depreciation rate and demand a lot of maintenance.
  • Do not jump into the conclusion of lending money to help your family, friends, and acquaintance. Though it is good to help, but, you must have an investment plan in place before giving away a huge portion of prize money as an act of charity. Your investment decisions should be made after a careful analysis.
  • Try to live a normal life without bringing in drastic changes. Quitting job, moving to a villa or buying expensive jewellery could make the prize money disappear sooner than you would have thought.

Along with all the above-listed tips, try to keep the win private. Take help of legal and financial advisors to find ways to minimize the spread of the news. Now when you know the dos and don’ts of investment after winning a jackpot, we hope that you will invest the money smartly and secure your future. And of course, keep a little aside to win the lotto again on Lottoland.