All About Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces have become extremely popular amongst the freelance and entrepreneur crowd in recent years. More and more freelancers, remote workers, small business owners and entrepreneurs are choosing to set up shop at a coworking space instead of in a traditional office. Read on to learn all about coworking spaces, how they work, and what makes them such an attractive option:

Low Cost

One of the biggest draws of a coworking space is the low cost. Renting or leasing an office space can be very expensive depending on the location. Besides the cost of renting your own office space, you would also need to purchase furniture and equipment to be able to work. Then you would have the monthly utility bills to think about.

Coworking spaces come already fully equipped with state of the art amenities, and you pay only for what you need. You can choose to rent a seat at a shared table, a dedicated desk, or a small office for your team. Besides the complete amenities, nothing beats the hospitality in coworking spaces like Common Desk.

Pricing at coworking spaces is typically very flexible, ranging from day passes to monthly memberships. Most locations also offer conference room rentals at hourly rates. Memberships usually work across all locations for companies with multiple sites. For example, Common Desk offers office rental space in Dallas, TX, as well as locations in Deep Ellum, Fort Worth and Granite Park. Signing up for a membership at any one of those locations will grant you access to all the others as well.

The Right Environment

Coworking spaces are set up to be perfectly conducive to productivity. People who work at coworking spaces often find themselves becoming more productive, and producing more meaningful, high quality work. Coworking spaces provide the right ambiance to make you motivated to work, and they come fully equipped with everything you need to do your work efficiently and effectively.

The people you meet at coworking spaces help set the tone as well. Everyone at a coworking space has chosen to be there, and with a specific goal in mind: to complete their work. Being surrounded by focused, motivated and driven individuals can improve your own attitude towards your work.

Though most people who go to coworking spaces to work are likely to be highly motivated individuals, there’s very little stress in the atmosphere at a coworking space. This is because since it is a shared space, most of the people aren’t from the same company, or even in the same line of work. This means no office politics, and little room for competition.

Instead of competition, people are encouraged to collaborate, and you might find yourself expanding your network and meeting interesting new people from different lines of business. There are many advantages to working in a coworking space. If you are a freelancer, remote worker, entrepreneur or a small business owner and you need a peaceful place to do your work without distractions, you may want to consider a coworking space.

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