Sports that Require a Firearms

Not all sports require a ball and bat some require a talent of a different type. Shooting sports come in a large variety of options to choose from. There is skeet shooting this is when clay discs are flung into the air and a person with a shot gun must shoot them out of the sky. Precision marksmanship usually consists of long distance shooting from different positions standing sitting and in the pron. As a hole there are a lot of options to get into. 

Cowboy action shooting is great for people who want to relive the Wild West days for a few hours on the weekends. The rules usually require guns from a particular time period are allowed. Firearms like single action revolvers, double barrel shotguns exposed hammer and hammer-less as well as lever action rifles. There is the quick draw event shooting behind barriers and moving from station to station while you have to reload and transition from firearm to firearm all while being graded on time and accuracy. For someone who is into modern firearms there is a similar sporting event for you. The only differences are the guns. Modern firearms are allowed with minor restrictions based on the event. It is important to have good gear while participating in the sport. Sporting goods stores sell many times take to the internet to sell their products like ar-15 rifles online. Other sporting goods stores give you the option of going to the location.

Some equipment from the sporting goods store you may want to get is safety equipment. Hearing protection is very important do not let anyone tell you different. Firearms create noises that break the sound barrier. Without hearing protection it could damage your hearing over a course of time. If you have been in a scenario a few times where you shot or were near a firearm when it went off without hearing protection do not panic. Ringing in the ears may be a side effect but it is not long term unless it is a repeated mistake. Hearing protection can range anywhere from two dollars into the hundreds of dollars. Do not get hung up on the price just make sure it has been produced and tested by reputable manufactures. Eye protection is next peace’s of bullet fragments can bounce back after hitting the target. This is rare and when it does happen usually will not be carrying enough energy to damage anything but could irritate the eye. Safety gear is limited to how much you want to spend and what type of competitor you are.

Performance parts are important to stay competitive. Lighter trigger and hammer springs aid in trigger pull ultimate helping with accuracy. Go to light with the springs it could have a negative effect on reliability. Light primer strikes unwanted hammer let offs and failure to feed mount functions. Make sure the parts are designed for your specific firearm and installed by a licensed gun smith to negate these issues. These are just a few examples out of the many from speed holsters moon clips flared magazine wells you name it. The only thing that matters is staying competitive and having a good time.

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