How To Properly Sell OEM Motorcycle Parts To Your Customers?

How To Properly Sell OEM Motorcycle Parts To Your Customers?

The way we sell to our customers has changed dramatically in the last few years. In order for our businesses to maintain the level of sales, it is important to detect and apply the trends that govern the sale of OEM motorcycle parts. In the past, customers used to go by what the mechanics told them when it came to repairing their motorcycle. This has changed. Today the Internet offers the possibility to do a little more research before making a decision to buy. In fact, at least 88% of customers interested in buying OEM motorcycle parts do research on the Internet before making a purchase decision. This is because there are online databases where customers can check the serial or part number and learn more about the characteristics of the replacement part before buying.

Selling smoke or false promises will destroy your business

As unbelievable as it may seem there are still repair store owners who still offer replacement parts of dubious quality. Phrases like “Same as stock but cheaper”, “Stands up to the original” or “You’ll only get this part here” don’t work anymore. People looking for OEM motorcycle parts are not interested in other types of parts. Trying to offer something else will only scare off a potential customer, forever. You might even run into customers coming into your store asking for OEM motorcycle parts specifying part number and manufacturer. Times have changed. People rely more on the opinion of other users who share their experiences on forums or websites. It’s time to make a change of strategy. Make your customers feel confident in shopping with you.

Explain as much as you can about the OEM motorcycle parts you sell

We already said that customers are much more informed these days before they make the decision to buy. This makes you, as a parts store owner, show them that you value their dedication. When a customer wants to buy OEM motorcycle parts and you notice that they have informed themselves, give them more information. There will be aspects that your customer may not have considered and it is your job to highlight them. Perhaps your customer will tell you that one part is better than another. If you know better, tell them so. Demonstrate with facts why other OEM motorcycle parts are better than the ones they initially chose. Your customer will value information and honesty and will be loyal to you because of it. In other words, a customer you will have forever.

About the author: Jill T Frey

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