5 Types of Alcohol That May Be Good For You

5 Types of Alcohol That May Be Good For You

5 Types of Alcohol That May Be Good For You

Do you think poets who wrote about alcohol might have been intoxicated? By poets, we mean the like of Pablo Neruda. Maybe you’re right. But it depends on your definition of intoxication. We also might be intoxicated writing this, while yet we believe there is no alcohol involved. Or there might be.

Truth is, not every alcohol is bad for you; some have proven healthy. A look at the opinions of drinkers on ReviewsBird.com has revealed why most lean towards certain drinks than others. The answer is in the type of alcohol. A study found that some alcoholic drinks can lower the risk of heart failure. Of course, this is not true to all alcoholic drinks and there is often a level at which the alcohol must be consumed. Nothing taken in excess is ever good.

Next time you want to buy alcoholic products on the web, you might need to consider the listed below.

1.     Hard alcohol:

The alcoholic brands in this category include vodka, tequila, gin, rum, brandy, and whiskey. These brands are good for you because of their low sugar. In addition to low sugar, they are gluten-free. With zero sugar, you are averse to diabetes. And with gluten-free, you are prevented from celiac disease. In all, the drinks can ease your digestive system, reduce chronic inflammation, and promote weight loss.

2.     Champagne:

The French sparkling wine is used generically for any form of sparkling wine. Essentially made from grapes, consuming it means you do not lack in polyphenols. Polyphenols are the micro-nutrients gotten from plants and fruits, packed with antioxidants, and needed to improve learning, memory, and cognitive function. Now imagine you sip on your favorite champagne and still get medically rewarded for it.

3.     Amaro:

As a popular Italian drink, Amaro contains herbs, roots, and flowers. Sometimes, citrus is added to the mix. Due to what the drink contains, it is bitter-sweet and so eases digestion of food. Anything bitter causes appetite to become less, thereby improving the production of gastric juices and saliva. Juices and saliva aid digestion.

4.     Red wine:

Not unpopular to you, red wine has its benefits. The health benefits of red wine are in the antioxidants and resveratrol. Both elements are necessary for a decrease in blood clot formation and vascular damage. Also, red wine contains ellagic acid which is essential in the protection of cancer.

5.     Saké:

If you’ve never heard of this, it’s a form of Japanese rice wine. Made from yeast, rice, and water, Saké is gluten-free. This means it is packed with polyphenols needed to improve learning, memory, and other cognitive functions. Furthermore, the drink is rich in amino acids which play a huge role in the creation and growth of muscles.

Bottom Line

Although these drinks contain several health benefits, they are not excluded from alcohol. You can maximize their benefits by light consumption. Having too much of everything, regardless of the benefits attached, is unhealthy for your body.

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