Does Indian Food Rank Among The Healthiest Cuisines In The World?

Does Indian Food Rank Among The Healthiest Cuisines In The World

When it comes to culinary skills, India is one of the countries that have diverse types of food types and ingredients. The implication is that if you are visiting India or want to eat Indian food in the UK, there is a wide variety to choose from. The implication is that we cannot just go ahead to say that their food is the healthiest in the world neither can we also say it is not among the healthiest. It will depend on the company you are patronizing and the ingredients used in making the meals.

If you want to order healthy Indian cuisines in the UK, you can check Indian food delivery services on From the reviews, you will get to know the companies that sell healthy food and those that do not. Hence, you can limit the companies you patronize to those that provide healthy meals.

Every meal is made from a combination of various ingredients. All of these ingredients have certain characteristics. They could also be healthy or not healthy. Hence, when one or more unhealthy ingredients, also depending on how unhealthy the ingredient is, are used to create meals, it will determine if the meal is healthy or not. Several Indian cuisines are made with only healthy ingredients as well as those that are made with some unhealthy ingredients. India also has junk foods that you might want to avoid if you want to eat healthily.

Most Indian unhealthy foods also have similar healthy versions that you can eat as an alternative. For example, instead of eating Paneer Kathi Rolls, you should take Vegetable Pulao instead. As opposed to eating Chaat Papri, you should eat Bhelpuri instead. As opposed to eating Butter Chicken, you should eat Tandoori Chicken instead. As opposed to eating Sooji Ka Halwa, you should eat Rasguilla instead. As opposed to eating Vada, you should eat Idli instead and as opposed to eating Samosa, you should eat Dhokla instead.

You might also want to avoid cheap Indian restaurants as they are amongst those that are guilty of selling unhealthy meals the most. In most cases, they sell food that can make you fat. They concentrate more on cooking tasty meals with a little budget. The implication is that sugar, cream, butter, and oil among other ingredients that are not healthy are used in preparing the meals. The result will be unhealthy meals that could harm you when you continue to consume them.

If you are wondering what Indian snacks are junk and should be avoided, some of them include Pani Puri, Aloo Bhujia, Bikaner Namkeen, Potato Chips, Bhujia, Pakora, Tikki-chole, Kofta, Tikki, and Kachori. These snacks are junk foods and like junk foods in most other parts of the world, they are healthy.

Some of the ingredients you can use for preparing healthy Indian meals to include meat, fish, chicken, lentils, beans, and curd. You can also look out for Indian meals that are made from resistant starch, natural protein and good carbs. You should also look out for pulses, brown rice, whole-grain loaves of bread, quinoa, millet, oats, frozen fruits, mixed vegetables, grapes, banana, papaya, mango, strawberries, apples, eggplant, garlic, peppers, carrots, herbs, cauliflower and greens. All of these fall amongst the ingredients that are used to make healthy Indian food that you can consume without worrying about your health or your weight.

Hence, the trick is to check the ingredients that are used in making the meal and when you observe that the ingredients are healthy, then the meal should be healthy. When the ingredients are not healthy, you might want to stay away from the meal.

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