No Shredder, No Problem: 4 Alternative Ways To Dispose of Confidential Documents

No Shredder, No Problem: 4 Alternative Ways To Dispose of Confidential Documents

Possessing sensitive documents brings about a problem. You must figure out how to safely and securely dispose of them. If you do not own a paper shredder, there are still several ways to discard the documents.

1. Hire a Company

You can hire help for secure document disposal Boston MA. Many companies offer a few options to fit your needs. Mobile services are able to shred on-site or pick up your documents to shred at the facility. If you prefer, you can even drop paperwork off directly at the company for disposal. Look for a company with good surveillance, a high-quality process, and recognition of privacy laws.

2. Shred by Hand

It is possible to shred documents by hand. However, it is time-intensive, laborious, and potentially less secure. In a pinch, you can tear your documents into multiple pieces. You must make sure to rip the most sensitive parts into smaller sections. Once you’ve destroyed the paperwork, it’s wise to dispose of the pieces in different trashcans to help prevent reassembly.

3. Soak in Water

If you aren’t in a hurry, you can dispose of confidential information by soaking the paperwork in a bucket of water. You can leave the papers in water for at least 24 hours and then break them up by mixing the solution. Once you have pulp, you can drain the water and safely discard the solids.

4. Purchase Multi-Cut Scissors

There are scissors designed to mimic a strip cut shredder. Multi-cut scissors will easily turn your documents into thin strips. The strips are not as secure as crosscut shredder waste, so you may want to be cautious of where you discard them.

Confidential documents can be difficult to dispose of, but luckily you have many options. You can select the right one to meet your needs.

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